International Ph.D. Program in Gerontology and Long-Term Care

International Exchange

International Exchange

Feature 1

Students go to the International League School for research and exchange.

Feature 2

Students attend international conferences.


Inbound Program~The purpose of this program is to expand the vision of international exchange students in the field of health care with global view, cross-culture, interdisciplinary competence, deepen practical experience of relevant, and explore special culture and landscape in Taiwan.
Outbound Program~As for international collaborations, the College has maintained strong partnerships with many well-known universities and college in the world, as a part of the effort in to build up a group of health care specialists with professional knowledge, humanity cultivation and global competitiveness. In addition to annually hosting an international conference along with frequent mutual visits with sister schools and research collaborations, the College also encourages participation in global practicum as well as overseas medical services to broaden students’ international horizon.

2022 Asia-Pacific Reginal Alliance Webinar

The Asia-Pacific Regional Alliance Webinar including 365 members were from Eswatini, Malawi, Ethiopia, South African, Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, China in May 23~June 02, 2022.

2022 TMUN Online Exchange Program

TMUN Online Exchange Program would invite 22 professors from Kobe University, The University of TAXAS Health Science, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido, University of Illinois at Chicago, Case Western Reverse University, Chiba University, The University of Tokyo in July 11-22, 2022.

Cooperative school

The college of nursing (CON)  has more than 40 partner universities, school and institutions around the world, and has abundant activities including student exchange student, faculty research and many other joint programs.


University of Wollongong

Teikyo University

Osaka University

Osaka Medical College

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